(This is part of what I posted on my Facebook account before signing off.)

I am going to sign off from Facebook, Instagram, and FB Messenger for a while. I don’t know when or if I will be back.

I will also keep things updated on the following outlets in case you are interested.



I have been wanting to put my thoughts together and break the silence. I have not been successful. The only thing I can say clearly is that black people have been treated inhumanly just too long and I want to leave a better world for my little children and their friends in so many colors (for that, I am so glad that I moved into this country 20 years ago).

Be it text, photographs, video, or meme, the information and misinformation that come from social media every day are so overwhelming and they are not helping me to solidify my thoughts. The contrasting reactions of Zuckerberg and Dorsey also made me wonder how the owners of the powerful social network and media platforms act in face of the influential voices proving hate and violence:

The press and news media are often referred to as the Fourth Estate. The responsible journalists follow clear ethos because they recognize their influence and consequences of their reports. I think the social network and media have an even more powerful position because they control who sees what information either by machinery (algorithm) or else. However, the technology and players are so new that we as a society have not established the expected behavior of a responsible platform. This is heavy.

(I saw some decency in Dorsey’s decision to flag and mask, but not delete, the post by President Trump close to the way the platform treats other Twitter accounts who violated its rule. This is an opinion and my reason to keep on using Twitter with further moderation.)

So, I will take a break from Facebook platforms and I may not come back (so I won’t respond to your kind comments.) I won’t be here, but I will always think about you. Please do reach out. In the spirit of…


Black lives matter.